There are three aspects to restoring a good and healthy sense of ourselves :-

1/ Self- Image
2/ Self-Esteem
3/ Self-Control

1/. Restoring self-image.

I couldn’t have written this piece a few years back!

Self-image has to do with what we think others think about us. It’s much about belonging.

Loved Cousins

Our self-image can be enhanced by searching out and mixing with pockets of people who have similar values or ways to me. These people are able to accept me. They are people who know me, including good and bad parts, and yet not feel the need to fix me, or use me.

There might be several groupings of people that have bearing on your self-image.

Finding your Tribe

Enhancing self-image is not so much about finding ‘close friends’ (though that may be part of it) as much as it is about finding people you are able to have longstanding kinship with. You may even not have much to do with them day to day, yet you know they possess similar values to you. You know them and you are known by them.

The clearer you become in being able to identify and name this set of people the better. This is about being part of ‘a tribe’ and sensing belonging. “You are one of us”.

Finding your tribe can be tricky, particularly when they needfully can’t include (say) your work colleagues, or your church family, or your nuclear family ! This might be where professional help is needed, to help you cross those bridges – without breaking them.

It is also helpful to be reminded – regardless of how it goes with your people search – that the Divine accepts us wholly. This is the place of our ultimate belonging. The scriptures speak much about this.

Bringing it Home

In these multiple ways,
* in understanding Christ’s acceptance of us,
* in experiencing the acceptance and common values of others,
* and then in becoming able to bring that acceptance toward ourselves,
we internally enhance our sense of belonging and with it, our self-image.

With the coming of self-image, previously held struggles with
* faith in the ultimate plan,
* facing current realities of life and
* being able to trust,
will begin to dissolve.

Self-image and belonging: Tick.

“Who am I ?”