The topic of Identity is vast. So vast in fact, I have borked at writing anything about it all.

Yet, annoyingly, I know it’s and issue that touches us all – whether we know it or not. I also know I care about the topic – and that I have ‘some’ thoughts about it that don’t go away easily.

As a start point, to comment on such a vast topic, it would be unwise not to bring in some ancient wisdom as a reference point. Hopefully I can put down some planks of thought on the matter, leaving plenty of openings for your own thought or discussion.


When we look back to Eden, we get a glimpse of ‘original Identity’ in the statement … “the man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.”

In this statement I see a glimpse of the mental and emotional condition of Adam and Eve before the fall. From it we can glean that they had a clear sense of their own being; their solidness – their selfhood. To put it another way, we could say that they had a strong, robust image of themselves; self-image.

Self Identity is basically each person’s answer to the question… “Who am I ?” It would seem, in the era of Eden, Adam and Eve had a clear sense of their own answer to this all pervading question.

It would also seem, this is where we have come from – and this is where we are going.


As I ponder the IDENTITY word, is a heading word, a formal word that gathers up a lot of things. Seems to me the meaning of the word Identity intersects many ( if not every) other topics.

A subset of the word Identity might be CHARACHTER – the personal characteristics I have inherited and gathered during my upbringing and beyond. To de-construct the word identity a little more might lead to phrases like:
* Who do I belong to ?
* What do they think of me?
* What is my relationship with who I belong to?
* How do I think about me?
* How do I respond when a pressure comes on?
* How am I with myself – when its just me?

Identity Exercise

Here’s a simple exercise around the subject of Identity.

1. In any given moment, settled or otherwise, take 3 intentional breaths.
2. With each out breath, allow your feeling energy to travel more toward your belly.
3. At the end of the 3rd out breath – pause and hold.
4. This is the feeling of me – right now. This is who I am, warts and all, in this moment.

Its possible this exercise will show up all sorts of things.
One finding might be a reluctance ( or even inability) to hold with ‘the feeling of me’ for very long.

Hmm, I wonder why that is?
Maybe we’ll talk about that next week.

“Who am I ?”

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