Hillsong Conference – What the heck !

My normal blogging program has been disrupted.
I have ben disrupted – in a good way I trust.

Simply to attend Hillsong Conference is no small feat. There’s the crowds, the queues, the noise, the imposition. How to feed yourself for several days – keeping up your liquid intake, luke-warm coffee, late night meals, sleeping. Keeping your mental stamina in some kind of shape. Then there is the travel, accomodation arrangements. Ahhh. did I mention the cost !

In many respects, Hillsong conference is overwhelming. Its a step WAY outside my normal routines and sensibilities. This Conference is many things. You can think you have it in a box – and it jumps right out again.

the Stage is Ready


One thing it does do, is shake up your internal rigidity. If you’re of a mindset that thinks things should sound a certain way, should say certain things, should be done a certain way, this may not be the place for you – or maybe it is !

And then, as of this year, there is the bag checks! Every time you come in or out of the precinct, personal bags are checked – and things confiscated! But when you stop and think about it, this measure does make sense. I suspect many of us simply attending, have little idea of the implications of this movement on the world stage.


If you were of a mind to disrupt the advancement of things Beautiful, the forward movement of Good and the hold of Truthfulness in the earth, this would be the place to play havoc – its stronghold. Arguably, this gathering of people (31,000), this expression of Christendom (many, many denominations and people groups represented), this speaking out about the coming Kingdom (holding the hopes of us all), is the most profoundly influential conference on the globe. A spear head.

What does any of this have to do with Identity and my current blogging theme?


At Hillsong Conference, look in any direction and you see ‘Identity’ modelled – and modelled well.  Welcomers, Chauffeurs, Registrations, Lift operators, Entertainers, Singers, Speakers, Hosts.

One of the most helpful things ever, particularly when you are striving to develop internal attributes, is to see expressions of those things modelled in the flesh. And if ever there was a ‘place’ to go looking, for those who have eyes to see, including song lyrics, this is such a rich fishing ground.

“…as it is in Heaven, so let it be.”


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