The Power of Others

How can we truely recover our ‘Self Control’?

Acquiring mastery over ourselves (self control) is a process.

Apart from the gym, a glowing way to see the acquisition of mastery is in the area of musicianship. How does a person just get up and play the piano?

Playing the Piano
When I learnt to play the piano, I started at age 7 and it went like this:
* learning to name the notes
* learning my fingering
* learning simple scales
* beginning to read music score
* progressing to playing simple melodies
* learning to use my left hand
* learning to use both hands together
* practicing at home
* progressing on to two handed pieces of music
* More scales.
* more musical exercises
* A number of years pass by…
And then… A Performance of some sort in front of people !

Basically, your music teacher, your music books and perhaps other students hold you in a program. They make the ‘pain’ of learning new things actually doable.

And so it is in life – and particularly in working to gain self mastery – we need to be held in a program so as to endure a level of ‘pain’ that we normally would not endure on our own.

In the world of ‘Recovery’, common understandings exists around the Recoveree finding a Sponsor and also finding an Accountability Partner. Herein, with this three person team, lies a principle that has significant power to achieve something you would not normally be able to do on your own. It is in harnessing the God given ‘power of others’.

Doctors and Nurses
Its not hard to see glimpses of this principle at work in other sectors.
* Doctor, patient and nurse
* Conductor, violinist and 1st violin
* Manager, worker and leading hand
* Coach, player and team mates

We have a natural aversion to pain.  The pain of work; the pain of study; the pain of application. Though not in the original plan, pain is part of this present world.  And so we need the help of others to see us through it.  As I see it, this is the truer function of ‘the (Church) Body’.

Personal Growth
Possibly, the principle of mastery is not more so applicable than in the area of Personal Growth.  This is the true home of understandings around ’Self control’.  Gaining mastery over our character is where we want to deal with unwanted behaviours, or unhelpful thought patterns, garbled feelings, or other forms of ‘stuckness’.  Here, our aversion to feeling pain stops us getting to where we need to go; developing, widening, deepening and calming.

Perhaps the most powerful of these growth producing configurations is the triad that contains …. Therapist, Client and Safe Friends.

Self Control, a key component in our sense of Identity, can be recovered and mastered.

“Who am I really?”

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